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FAN: Friends and Neighbours



FAN Groups offer people an opportunity to make friends and meet new people, even if people are here for just a short time.


·         FAN groups meet weekly for about an hour in 21 venues in Cardiff.

·         There are also FAN groups in other geographical areas, see the website for details.

·         Attendance is free

·         Coming to FAN is a great way to practise English speaking and listening skills 

·         FAN groups bring people together from around the corner and around the world and are a way of English learners  meeting native speakers and learning first hand about local culture and customs.

·         FAN groups help to make Cardiff feel a more welcoming and friendly place

·         If you are feeling lonely then coming to FAN can help you to make friends


For more information about FAN groups please follow the links to our website its ever changing pattern of groups) and Facebook which has regular reports of FAN goings on.  If students are here for a short number of weeks, or longer, or have family members who are interested in becoming active locally, coming to FAN can make a world of difference to their experience in the city.  


If you would like further information or feel we can work together in any way  I would love to hear from you! Janina Kuczys

Development & Support Officer,  please email: [email protected]


Come to a FAN Group! It’s a great opportunity for local people to meet newcomers; you’ll meet friends and neighbours and feel more hopeful for the world. 


FAN Mobile:07512 638792
email: janina.[email protected]

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