Small World Theatre

Open Screen Night

Small World TheatreSmall World Theatre,

Bath House Road, Cardigan

Friday | Nos Wener

April 21 Ebrill, 7pm


Showcasing a wide variety of talent and creativity on a first come first served basis, we are offering film makers a place to show their work. Everyone is welcome: professional artists, amateur film makers/ animators or members of the community with stories to tell. We anticipate screening upwards of 5 short films, which will be previewed by GWRANDO to ensure suitability. They must be up to 15 mins long and on DVD (formatted for a DVD Player) or as an mp4. 

Film submissions from 6.30pm 

Open to all ages and abilities

There is a one off membership fee of £1 to all newcomers

Those showing a film do not need to pay the entrance fee of £4

Small World Theatre in collaboration with GWRANDO

Small World Theatre

Tel: 01239 615952