The Turtle Trials  and the free children’s workshops and sharings they are running in Bethesda, Holyhead and Wrexham (suitable for ages 4-11).   

The Turtle Trials*/Treialon Crwban y Mor is a research and development project. The workshops are free, fun and interactive, inspired by the Dr Seuss story, Yertle The Turtle.  In the workshops children from ages 4 to 11 can have fun exploring the story of Yertle The Turtle, the life of turtles and tortoises and the conservation efforts surrounding their current status as an endangered species through sign language /theatre, story telling, dance, music and scent! (This is a Research & Development project supported by Arts Council Wales).


About Signdance The Signdance Collective (SDC) is a touring performance company, established in 2001. The company is culturally diverse with a team of experienced deaf and disabled artists at the helm. Their work is in demand both in the UK and abroad.  They perform for more than 25 weeks and 100 shows per year across the UK, Europe, India and the USA.

UN DEG UN Wrexham 

Saturday         15th October    12.00pm – 3.00pm
Tuesday          17th October    4.00pm   -6.00pm  
Wednesday     18th October    4.00pm   – 6.00pm
Wednesday     25th October    4.00pm   – 6.00pm (sharing of work)
Thursday         26th October   12.30pm – 2.30pm
Friday              27th  October  12.30pm -2.30pm
Saturday         28th. October    2.00pm   -4.00pm (sharing of work)
These workshops are free and open to everyone to attend (Booking is advised –