Princes Trust

Enterprise Programmes

These are our upcoming dates for the Enterprise programmes we’re delivering in Cardiff and Newport between May and June. Take a look at the following information to find out more –

Information Session  1 Information Session 2 Information Session 3 Explore Enterprise Workshop Venue
11-May 18-May 25-May 30 May – 2 June 2017 Cardiff
1-June 6-June 8-June 13 – 16 June 2017 Newport
7-June 8-June   13 – 16 June 2017 Cardiff

 As well as taking part in the 4 day workshop and benefiting from 1:1 mentoring and financial support, every young person can now gain a recognised Level 1 and Level 2 Explore Enterprise qualification as they plan their business. The qualifications include units on Personal Progression, Marketing, Market Research and Understanding Money. We can also reimburse public transport costs for travel to the four day workshop.

 In February and March we delivered our Explore Enterprise workshops to groups of young people across Wales who are planning to start a variety of different businesses including; a barber shop, mobile cleaning service, science workshops for autistic children, mobile fast food unit, fashion collection for children, personalised and embroidered baby gifts, a mobile beautician, Board Game Developer, Acupuncturist and a lot more!

 To refer a young person please complete our online referral form or call us on 0800 842 842.  A young person can also apply directly via our ‘Get in Touch’ page, phoning our freephone number or texting ‘CALL ME’ to 07983 385 418.