Poetry Wales

Poetry Wales Stay at Home Special Issue

Ephemeral, undeletable words and invisible lines of code might, for many of us, be the confines/expanse of our social lives these next few weeks. While you’ve no doubt heard every platitude about the importance of the arts, it is, perhaps, even more important for our artists, creators and writers. As our gift to you, and in order to support, to platform and to pay more poets for their enviously beautiful, exciting, brilliant words, we’ve selected twelve poems to share freely in a one-off extra issue.

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From editor Jonathan Edwards:
“One thing Poetry Wales can give is poems, and what we can all, at the moment, let in safely – through this screen here and into our hearts – are words.”

From Poetry Wales Committee Chair Matthew Jarvis:
“[W]e hope it’s a space for you to stop for a moment, to breathe, and to let words flood your mind. Come on in and sit down. Let the poems take shape all around you.”

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