Pentabus Opportunity

The Legacy Project at Attingham Park

We are looking for two artists to work on a new collaboration we have with the National Trust at Attingham Park Nr Shrewsbury.

Pentabus Theatre and Attingham Park are looking for a socially engaged sound / digital artist and a visual artist/designer to work with them on an arts project in 2020 to explore what Attingham’s ‘legacy’ means for a number of different local communities.

The Project – Context and Vision.
Pentabus Theatre, in partnership with Attingham Park, will develop and deliver a participatory
programme of workshops with communities, NT volunteers, NT staff and artists. The workshop
programme will lead to the co-creation of a response to the following provocation:

If Lord Berwick left the Park and the Mansion specifically ‘for public benefit’, what does this mean
in the 21st Century, and how does the public of today benefit from this generous gift to the National

There are many people who already benefit from using Attingham; through visiting and
volunteering many have discovered their own personal ‘Attingham memory’ or ‘Attingham
moment’. There are also many local people and communities who have never been to Attingham,
who are yet to create an ‘Attingham memory’. We want to explore how we bring people together to
share existing memories and create new ones.

For more information regarding the project and the brief please see the attached Artists’ Briefs or



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