National Theatre Wales


National Theatre Wales 2National Theatre Wales is seeking to commission a visual artist to create an ambitious new work in response to the NHS’s 70th birthday, drawing on the extraordinary data and statistics relating to NHS Wales.

National Theatre Wales (NTW) celebrates 70 years of the National Health Service (NHS) in July 2018. For NHS70 we are commissioning and creating seven unique pieces of work that will take place across Wales, each led by a distinctive art-form.  As part of this love-letter to the NHS (which was created by Aneurin Bevan MP for Ebbw Vale and inspired by the Miners’ Medical Aid Society in Tredegar), we are seeking to commission a visual artist to make a new work.

NHS Wales is the largest employer in Wales, and the scale and complexity of the organisation is extraordinary. There are big numbers associated with the NHS; masses of data that reveal a complex system that is hard to imagine.

From the amount of blood used in a day to the number of beds in use at any one moment, from births and death statistics to waiting times and numbers of operations or languages spoken. The data tells a story of a system and a process that perhaps is as complex a working system as our own bodies. Inspired by this system and this data, we are interested in working with an artist that can bring the scale, complexity, understanding and dynamism of the NHS in Wales to the public in an accessible and inspiring way.

The work could sit in a museum, online, a found space, a hospital site or somewhere we have yet to imagine. It could be immersive, digital, something to look at or something to discover/wander through. We want the data to speak to us in an interesting and dynamic way that is both mind-blowing and moving.

The deadline for submission is 10am on Friday, 1 December 2017. Work will be completed by July 2018.

For more information and details of how to apply please visit NHS70