Message from Guide Dogs Campaign

Guide dogThey are delighted to share with you some historic news for our Dog Attacks campaign. The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill finally received Royal Assent last month which means a dog attack on an assistance dog could now lead to the owner being punished with up to three years imprisonment, as it will be classed as an aggravated offence.

They are very grateful for everything done by the public to help bring about this law. It’s a major step forward in protecting the safety of our incredible, life changing dogs. The new law will be in force in England and Wales, as well as in Scotland thanks to recent Parliamentary activity in Holyrood. Northern Ireland already has very similar measures in place.

An attack on a guide dog is a traumatic experience and can rob someone of their means of getting around as well as their faithful companion. At our last estimates, 10 guide dogs were attacked every month on average. We’ve been campaigning on this issue for years and it is our profound hope that this law will reduce the number of attacks by dogs and, as a result, will make people with sight loss and their guide dogs safer in the streets. You can read more about what this new law will mean on our website.