Made In Roath

PhotoRenga Workshop

made-in-roathSunday 9th October

11am – 5pm

The MiR PhotoRenga will take place at 28 the Parade in Cardiff, an intriguing venue that was originally built by a shipping merchant at the height of Cardiff’s seafaring importance in the late 1800s and was latterly an education centre.  The building will house several new commissioned artworks by local artists and act as an exciting performance venue. As well as hosting the PhotoRenga workshop on Sunday 9 October, the venue will exhibit the works during the main festival weekend on 15/16 October.


Participants will start from the Made in Roath space at 28 The Parade, splitting up and taking photographs. After reviewing the images, one image from each person’s camera is chosen and passed on to another in the group. This image is used as the source or inspiration to produce a new set of photographs from which one image is selected… and so on…


The MiR PhotoRenga workshop will take place on Sunday 9 October 11am to 5pm.  Like last time, for the workshop, you will just need to bring:

  • a digital camera: any sort will do! A DSLR, digital compact or even a good quality cameraphone will be sufficient.
  • any leads for plugging the camera into a computer and an instruction manual if you have one (not essential, but always handy!).
  • a fresh memory card for your camera (or, at least, one with lots of space on it).
  • waterproof clothing! We will be outdoors, this time in a Welsh autumn…

The PhotoRenga workshops will enable the creative exploration of poetic forms through images and the sharing of visual responses that generate unique, collective, photo-based artworks.  The resulting PhotoRengas will be exhibited in The Parade courtyard space for the main Made in Roath festival weekend on 15/16 October.

If you would like to take part in the Made in Roath PhotoRenga please email Kate at Kate Woodward