Learning Disability Wales

Valued Lives

Learning Disability WalesWorking together to Inform, Train, Innovate, Represent and Challenge

We would like to introduce our new project.

Valued Lives supports the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act and will train, innovate, inform, represent and challenge so every child, young person, and adult with a learning disability in Wales can achieve a valued life.

We have already started to deliver training on Person Centred Planning, which lies at the heart of the Act. Soon we will be providing resources and information sessions on assessment and care planning, promoting work for people with a learning disability, working with others to advise, change opinion and policy, and produce more easy read information on aspects of the Act.

Through Valued Lives we want children, young people and adults with a learning disability across Wales to be empowered to have greater choice and control over their lives and be able to live more independently.

Our project is funded by Welsh Government’s Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant 2016 – 2019.

We will be delivering Valued Lives for people with a learning disability through four work areas:

1. Inform

2. Train

3. Innovate

4. Represent and Challenge

To deliver Valued Lives we will:

  • Work with other organisations.
  • Include people with a learning disability in planning and delivering the project, including being a trustee and delivering training.
  • Deliver the project across Wales by our staff and trustees, in partnership with stakeholders.
  • Recognise and respond to the needs of Welsh speakers and promote the use of Welsh.
  • Engage with our members to get their views on how they want us to deliver the project and let them, and other stakeholders, know how we are getting on.

Visit our Valued Lives website page to find out more, or get in touch: phone us on 029 2068 1160, email [email protected], or find us on Facebook or Twitter