Hijinx Theatre

Unity Festival 2017

Hijinx Unity Festival 28 June – 2 July 2017

“A surprisingly different arts festival”

Hijinx Unity Festival showcases the best inclusive and disability arts from around the world. This summer, performers from across the UK, France, Spain, Belgium and Germany will take over the streets of Caernarfon with acts made by and with disabled artists. Spectacular circus, theatre, dance and music acts will fill Castell Caernarfon, Doc Fictoria, the Town Square and Galeri Caernarfon, with many performances taking place for free.

For full information visit www.hijinxunity.org.uk

Ticketed shows as follows:

Hijinx & Theatr Clwyd – BoHo

A dystopian musical misadventure.

Life in the City is fast, correct and beautiful. If you keep up, that is.

David Jones is just another cog in the City’s giant wheel, until one untimely mistake forces him out…to BoHo. On this journey of self-discovery, amid an otherworldly collection of misfits and freethinkers, rules are challenged, individuality is celebrated and ‘reality’ is tested. Unsure whether he is in quarantine, a reality TV show or simply dreaming, David has no choice but to be led down the rabbit-hole and have a good look at who he really is.

BoHo is an exploration of what it means to be good enough, to fit-in and to keep up, performed by an inclusive cast, with a vibrant original score, film and words.

Dawns i Bawb – Community Dance Gala

Dawns i Bawb showcases the talents of inclusive and disability-led community dance groups from Wales, including APT, Dragon’s Heart and Dragon’s Soul (formerly Tan Dance), InSync and WISP.

Dawns i Bawb (‘dance for all’) take pride in their name: it is an organisation which believes that anyone and everyone can dance! Spanning three counties, Dawns i Bawb run a varied programme of activities from large-scale productions to small dance groups of a few individuals. Inclusivity and the idea that dance can positively contribute to disadvantaged and isolated communities are the common themes throughout everything they do.

Theater Stap & Koen De Preter – To Belong

A raw and untamed exploration of what it means to belong to a group, through dance, live music and an electric soundtrack.

A company of nine dancers come together, connect with one another and lose themselves in this powerful and evocative piece.

Based in Flanders, Belgium, Theater Stap has been creating professional performances in which people with disabilities take centre stage for over 30 years. Theater Stap’s zwaluwzang / a swallow song played to acclaim at Wales Millennium Centre as part of Unity Festival 2015.

Compañía Danza Mobile – El Espejo & Bailo…Luego Existo

The hugely popular Spanish integrated dance company Danza Mobile returns to the festival for the sixth time: expect a double bill of powerful, evocative and passionate inclusive flamenco. Olé!

‘Bailo … Luego Existo’ or ‘I dance, therefore I am’ stems from Descartes and refers to a phrase which expresses one of the fundamental principles of inclusive dance: I dance, therefore my own existence is clear.