HeARTh Gallery

Rookwood PhotoRenga

HeARTh Gallery Llandough

Oriel yr Aelwyd : The HeARTh Gallery

Open daily 9am – 8pm

Main Plaza Entrance, Ground Floor, Llandough Hospital, CF64 2XX

PhotoRenga are inspired by an ancient form of Japanese poetry, in which sequences of haiku construct complex and profound renga poems.  The aim of the PhotoRenga project is to produce a series of short, collective, visual renga using photography, in a unique workshop format that enables people of all abilities to take part.

The project began when members of the Cardiff & Vale Brain Injury Group produced PhotoRenga in an ongoing workshop programme started in 2010 by David Sinden. 

The PhotoRenga workshops provided by David Sinden and Kate Woodward at Rookwood Hospital were open to six people with an adventurous spirit on each day.  Participants  started from a space, split up and created photographs on various themes. After reviewing the images together, one image from each person’s camera was chosen and then passed on to another person in the group. These images were then used as the source or as inspiration to produce a new set of photographs from which one image will be selected, and so the process was repeated during the workshop. The result was a series of collective PhotoRenga, and these inspiring works are on display in the gallery.

David Sinden has been running the PhotoRenga workshops since 2010, Kate Woodward has been a project partner since 2015.

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