Gwanwyn – National Festival across Wales

Daffodil photo-Gwanwyn Fest

Daffodil photo-Gwanwyn Fest

Gwanwyn is a month long national festival held across Wales in May each year celebrating creativity in older age.

Gwanwyn, which means ‘spring’ in Welsh, celebrates older age as a time of opportunity for renewal growth and creativity.  Our aim is to offer opportunities for greater participation by older people in the arts, whether visual arts, drama, storytelling, music, literature, photography, dance or film.

Get inspired – take a look at what has happened in previous festivals and put your imagination to work on ideas for your Gwanwyn festival event.  Every year the events get bigger, better and more ambitious.  Start planning today!

Get involved – All over Wales there are groups of older people exploring their creativity in all sorts of ways.  Here is where you can find out about groups or organisations in your area.  Somewhere out there is a group looking for someone just like you.

Get in touch – The Gwanwyn Team has a wealth of knowledge and information to help you plan, organise and publicise your event.

Please get in touch – they’re there to help.

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