Guide Dogs Streets Ahead campaign

Guide dogYour help is needed by Guide Dogs in the completion of their survey.  I am sure that you can see the importance of their survey and will do your best to help.

Guide Dogs is again running its streets ahead survey to gather information about obstacles and barriers to mobility on residential roads and high streets. Previously this was the most comprehensive piece of intelligence gathering in recent times and has helped shape campaigning on de-cluttering the street environment.

The survey is online at:

The results will be used to help inform Guide Dogs Streets Ahead campaign, It goes without saying that the more results we get the more effective and targeted we can make the campaign. I know all of us in our professional lives hear from a lot of people who have problems with wheelie bins, overhanging branches and shared street schemes so hopefully this survey should be something that will be of interest to a lot of people.

How you can help:

If you could spread the word about the survey amongst your local contacts that would be a big help. If they get sufficient responses they will be able to regionalise the results again, like they did for the Road to Nowhere bus survey, so the more people that complete the survey locally, the stronger their regional statistics will be.

The weblink to share with people again is:

It is a lot easier for them if people complete this online as they can analyse the results much quicker. They have also attached a plain text version as well as a word document version of the survey which can be printed out, completed and returned to them as they want to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to take part. If people opt for this method please let them know and send the completed surveys back to them at the address at the bottom of this article.

The deadline for this survey is the end of July and the results will be published in the Autumn. If you have any questions about it then please feel free to get back to them.

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