Four in Four

Is it Art or Science?

A Four in Four multi-media visual arts exhibition.

The Hearth Gallery, Llandough Hospital

22nd January – 21st February 2020

9am – 8pm daily

Closing event on 19th February from 4pm – 6pm

Our brains are amazing. They are complex and divine. They are tangible and transcendent. They are the source of all thought and action. They regulate our heartbeat and make it skip a beat, they fire our imaginations and let us build what we dream; they trigger our beliefs and allow us to speak them aloud.

Our brains are the most complex structures in the known universe. For centuries they have challenged scientists and artists to unlock their mysteries yet so much is still unknown. They are our final frontier.

So when our mental health fails us does the answer lie in the physical body, the disembodied mind or somewhere in-between? And to whom should we look to for explanation?

The Hearth Gallery is located in the Llandough Hospital’s main plaza and is open daily.

Penlan Road, Llandough, Penarth CF64 2XX

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