Festival of Mental Health

Hardships of Being Human

Tuesday April 24th 9.30am – 8pm

Taliesin Arts Centre,

Swansea University Campus

A celebration of the hardships and difficulties of being human. The day aims to make space to explore mental health through speakers, workshops, film, art and poetry. We aim to give time and compassion to human hardships, raise awareness and challenge stigma, promote wellbeing and inspire. 

One in three of us will experience a mental health issue, so this festival is open to all; anyone curious about mental health, Wellbeing and hardships, we aim to make space for discussions on subjects we all could experience and so we welcome all: students, people with personal experience of mental health distress, practitioners, artists, clinicians and front line workers. 


Jonny Benjamin MBE

Heads above the waves

The Women’s Survivor Support Project (WSSP)

Hannah Hull

with poetry from Beryl the Feral and Sarah McCreadie

If you have any queries, please contact [email protected]

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This is an event run by the Wellbeing service at Swansea University.