Emotional Health and Well Being Workshops

Well Being Workshops

life surfingConcerned about your emotional health and well being?

Life Surf is here to help.  They provide a range of well being workshops to help you overcome the stress and emotional distress that accompanies life’s ups and downs:

Distress to De-stress

Is a 2-hour stress management workshop for anyone who wants to develop healthy approaches to stress.

Banish your Blues

Is a 1-day workshop for anyone affected by the stress, depression or anxiety that can accompany life’s troubles.

Getting to Sleep

Is a 1-day workshop that will show you how making some simple changes to your lifestyle and your daily routine will result in a good night’s sleep – every night!

Concerned about a friend, family member, colleague or client?

The Life Surfing ‘How to help in a Crisis’ workshop will help you understand emotional distress, and give you the skills you need to help someone who is going through it.

Contact Life Surfing

For further information about Life Surfing workshops, please visit their website:  www.life-surfing.com

Or contact them on:  0300 321 4514 / 07922537646, email: [email protected]