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Virtual insport Series Events

Disability Sport Wales would, in other circumstances, be delivering insport Series Events across Wales, which are opportunities for disabled children, young people and adults to come and get involved with sessions delivered by sports clubs which deliver inclusive opportunity local to the location of that insport Series Event.  The intention is that a link is created so that activity can be continued within that club (if the session was enjoyed) on as frequent a basis as the individual wants after the insport Series Event.  Because at this time we are not delivering in person we have organised an initial 4 Regional VIRTUAL insport Series Events, with the first one taking place on Friday 12th June 2020, which will be hosted by North Wales clubs.

Participants will be able to select from 4 sports (and they can do as many of those sports as they  would like) and do up to 4 mini activities within each sport.  Participants can obviously spend as much or as little time on each activity as they want and move on to the next, or do more of the same at their own pace (or alongside others within their household).

In Virtual North Wales there will be Rugby, Karate, Wheelchair Basketball and Gymnastics

To book on, or find out further information please visit: https://www.disabilitysportwales.com/news/2020/06/09/virtual-insport-series-is-here/

Additional events: Please keep a look out for our other insport Series events

Please note: This event is open to all ages, but you will need someone over 16 years old to register, and provide their e-mail address.


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