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DAC Office closure and working on line….


As the threat of the Coronavirus is escalating we have taken moves to change the way we will work from now on. The Head Office at Sbectrwm is now closed and all staff will continue to work from home.  We are encouraging skyped or email correspondence and aim to deliver as usual – without  face to face meetings or group events.  It is a necessary action to take, but there are people in our company who are at risk and self-isolating as the government advises.

The DAC Art Prize is still continuing as the 12 weeks shut down of venues should be over – but obviously we are keeping close attention on this and will inform if anything changes.  The theme is a very lose one – so do contact us if you need more guidance.

Announcing #DACindoors, for you to share your images & writing with us, a new theme every Wednesday, this week #homeiswheretheartis- use both these plus #video or #photo etc depending on your medium. Post text to Twitter, images to Instagram, join in, no limit on how many posts.

If you have any other ideas for online projects do let us know.

We still open to recruiting new Trustees and a chair – do get in touch if you would like to receive an information pack. Ruth is happy to communicate with any one who has any questions about what it may involve.

Email:[email protected]

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