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Letter from Ruth 24th April

Dear DAC Members

I hope you are continuing to stay well and that you have managed to gain the right support to ensure you are getting supplies and other necessary support.

It is hard not being able to go out, or even just welcome people into our lives. 

I want to remind you that Arts Council Wales have funding for freelance artists who have lost income due to the pandemic.  The next opening is next week on 28th April with deadline on 6th May 2020.


It is a simple application process based on 4 questions. If you have any access needs – you can apply for up to £2,000 to meet this cost – on top of the application for support.  It is the highest access award in the UK, so use it. Remember, if you need help contact any of our officers or me. We are happy to supply letters of support to evidence when you have worked with us. Do not miss out on this opportunity.

I am not sure what you are picking up from the media about the future – it is feared that the arts sector will be the hardest hit when the looming recession starts to bite as many arts organisations may fold. I aim to keep on meeting at the highest levels to ensure the importance of your work as artists is recognized and not diminished as the pandemic changes and shifts focus. To represent you more – I need to hear of any stories or issues you are facing – if you don’t wish to send them to me – let your voice be heard in other ways.

Yesterday the first UK meeting convened by Andrew Miller, ACW council member and UK representative for disability culture shared viewpoints from across the UK. As a result a new hashtag has been developed #WeShallNotBeRemoved – do use it to tweet any concerns.

Don’t forget we are continuing DAC #indoors project – do send us any work you wish to be published on our Social Media platforms. 

We are looking at doing some Zoom discussions soon. If you have any ideas of what you would like from DAC– do get in touch. We want to hear from you.

Stay safe



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