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Arts Council Wales – Developing Visually Impaired Audiences in Wales

We are delighted that ACW have published the toolkit that Chloe Clarke has written with support from DAC. It is a thorough but easy to follow document that should help venues and theatre companies enormously.


This toolkit is for venues and companies across Wales to develop and cater for visually impaired (VI) audiences. Here you will find a range of information about how to make your work or venue more welcoming and accessible and how to build and keep a VI audience base.

It has been composed by visually impaired theatre practitioner and consultant Chloë Clarke and Disability Arts Cymru for Arts Council of Wales. The information provided has been carefully researched and generated through discussions with visually impaired people (VIPs) across Wales, as well as findings from surveys and case studies.We have also spoken extensively to arts professionals, companies and venues of varying capacity to ascertain the barriers you face when providing access. We aim to address these barriers and help you find solutions so that access to theatre in Wales can become more commonplace and you can build a broader, more diverse audience.

The document is available online in Word and PDF formats: 


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