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Dear All,

I so hope you are keeping well and that you managed a chocolate hit over the Easter weekend – you deserved to. It was so strange to have such lovely spring weather and be stuck indoors – but we continue to work through this time of lock down and discover a new way of becoming.
I aim to write each week as a way of ensuring we can keep connected, encourage you to keep creativity in your life, and respond to any queries you may have. As this lock down continues, we have had to change the way we live considerably in terms of our daily plans and in the sharing of our physical lives. I find it a very up and down existence – and most of the times I feel at peace – but so aware of the battles our community is dealing with.
Some of you will be experiencing additional issues and it is important you have a way of knowing how to gain support and get help if required.
I have now been invited to be part of the Welsh Government Disability Forum and want to make sure any issues you are facing can be raised and shared at this level. Unlike the rest of the UK, Wales is passionately committed to ensuring that their support follows the United Nations rights-based approach and is therefore basing its responsibilities in the following ways:everyone matters –health service delivery will follow the principles set out in equality and human rights legislation

  • everyone matters equally – this does not mean that everyone is treated the same, but does require health services to work effectively in partnership with each person equitably according to their needs
  • the interests of each person are the concern of all of us, and of our society
  • the harm that might be suffered by every person matters,and so our actions aim to minimise the overall harm that a pandemic might cause
    Taken from Covid-19, ethical values and principles for healthcare delivery framework:

    The forum includes Welsh ministers and they really want to hear issues directly as they affect you. There are priorities for those who need social care and personal assistance and they are firmly tacking how the local authorities work to support those who need this help. Yet, there are people who fall through the gaps. I am one of those who must shield due to a pre-existing lung condition and even though I have received my official letter – I cannot secure shopping on-line. As a deafwoman I am also fed up with how few organisations – including the NHS will allow me to email or text – insisting I use the phone – which I cannot do? I also worry about the level of information being inaccessible to many of us – not only in formats or lack of BSL, but also in terms of everything being pushed on line – some live in ‘cold spots’ and cannot access information this way. I am so aware that mental health concerns are not being expressed and we so need people to know they are not alone. Plus, there are isolation concerns about where you live – if anyone has any stories to share –please do get in touch and I will feed back.

In ending – a reminder that DAC exists as a creative company to stimulate the artistic yearnings and expressions of our lived experience of disability. Therefore, do remember we are inviting responses onto our social media platforms through #DAC indoors initiative, and the closing date is looming for the first DAC Arts Prize…do have a look at our website for more information.
Look after yourselves and any loved ones, and do contact me if you have any stories or concerns to share. And. Keep. Safe. 
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