Company of Sirens

Deaf Actors Required

Company of Sirens are looking for one male and one female deaf performer who use sign language and speech for two weeks research and development on Nina Raine’s play ‘Tribes’. It is hoped there will be a full production of this excellent play next year.

The play explores the limitations of verbal communication and features two deaf characters, Billy and his new girlfriend Sylvia.

Billy is part of a dysfunctional family that communicates often through verbally aggressive means. The introduction of the eloquent yet deaf Sylvia into the family circle gives Billy an insight into the narrow limitations of his family “Tribe” and offers him the opportunity to explore a purer form of non- verbal communication through the use of signing and body language.

I would like to work with two performers over a two week period, in late Autumn 2017, exploring the aspects of the text that relate to signing and non- verbal communication. I would like us to discuss the range of physical expression and communication in a society where words are often misunderstood and real and pure communication can be difficult to achieve. We will explore the concept of how we communicated before words and what that communication consisted of.

The signing takes part as part of the action of the play and its “meaning” is projected onto a back screen for audiences to understand. This “dialogue” also operates as a subtext, commentary and reaction to the families attitudes and prejudices.

This development project offers the chance to work with two performers exploring first -hand the benefits and importance of signed performance, not just as an aid to audience understanding but as an artistic tool in itself, shedding physical light on an actors intent, demonstrating subtext and introducing a new physical means of expression within performance.

If you are interested and would like further information please email Chris Durnall, director of Company of Sirens on