Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People

Access Certificate Petition

Recently BCDP members came up with an idea of a petition to the Welsh Assembly calling for premises in Wales to be awarded an Access Certificate similar to the Food Hygiene Certificate with premises displaying a sign from 0 to 5 depending how disabled friendly they are. Getting a high number would not just be about wheelchair access, we also want to look at improving services for those with sensory & learning impairments.

The Food Hygiene Certificate has encouraged eating establishments to improve the cleanliness of their food preparation. We believe that if premises were awarded high numbers for having a fully wheelchair accessible building, accessible toilets, hearing loops, braille menus, staff using sign language and staff trained in Disability Equality and Autism Awareness it would encourage them to improve and give better services to disabled customers. 

You could get high numbers for having all or some of the above with symbols below your number to show which services premises offer. For example signs to show building contains a wheelchair accessible toilet and a braille menu.  

I am delighted to say petition is now up and running and can be signed by going to the link below. Link also gives more info on our idea and how it will work.

So please go to link below, sign and share with all your friends and colleagues. We need just 50 signatures to get the petition noticed, but 5,000 could result in a full debate in the Senedd on the issue.  

The Food Hygiene Certificate in Wales was voluntary when first introduced, but is now mandatory!  If our petition is successful then it will only be voluntary to begin with, but could still encourage people to improve the services they offer and make more of an effort to be accessible for all. 

Thanks,  SIMON GREEN (Chair, Bridgend Coalition of Disabled People)