Breaking Out of the Box 4

Breaking Out of the Box 4: Wales – a Diverse Arts Scene?

Friday 16 February 2018 / Dydd Gwener 16 Chwefror 2018, Theatr Clwyd, 09:15 – 16:15

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Registration at 9:00AM
From 9:30AM to 4:15PM
Place Price: £15.00 – £40.00

This access symposium is hosted in partnership between Taking Flight Theatre Company, hynt and Theatr Clwyd. The event will bring together theatres, arts centres, performers, producers, companies and other creative professionals working across the performing arts to discuss how the arts scene in Wales can become more accessible and diverse.

As well as an opening statement from Phil George, Chair of the Arts Council of Wales the symposium will feature a number of key note speakers who will give a presentation and put forward a  provocation. Following each speaker there will be an open space where further questions can be debated in smaller break out groups. There will also be sessions on accessible marketing materials  (tactile model boxes and audio / BSL flyers) and Running an Accessible Rehearsal Room.

Dianc o’r Bocs 4: Yw’r celfyddydau yng Nghymru yn amrywiol?

Bydd y symposiwm mynediad hwn yn cael ei gynnal mewn partneriaeth rhwng Cwmni Theatr Taking Flight, Hynt a Theatr Clwyd. Bydd y digwyddiad yn croesawu theatrau, canolfannau celfyddydol, perfformwyr, cynhyrchwyr, cwmnïau a gweithwyr proffesiynol creadigol eraill sy’n gweithio ar draws y celfyddydau perfformio er mwyn trafod sut y gall y celfyddydau yng Nghymru ddod yn fwy hygyrch.

Bydd nifer o brif siaradwyr yn cymryd rhan yn y symposiwm. Bydd y siaradwyr yn gwneud cyflwyniad ac yn cynnig nifer o bynciau trafod. Yn dilyn pob siaradwr bydd cyfle i drafod cwestiynau pellach mewn grwpiau llai. Bydd sesiwn hefyd ar ddeunyddiau marchnata hygyrch megis blychau model cyffyrddol a deunydd sain / BSL.


Speakers and their provocations:

Michele Taylor (Director for Change at Ramps on the Moon): “seriously, are we still talking about this”

Jamie Beddard (Diverse City): “Placing people as “other” becomes an excuse for inertia; we are afraid of getting it wrong or offending. Diversity becomes rocket science, and we let ourselves off the hook. Any action is isolated, policy-based and often ineffective, rather than part of a holistic approach around making art (the exciting bit!). New stories, perspectives and imagining, should be the lifeblood of the arts. Therefore, those previously marginalised on unheard are in the box seats to deliver.”

Dr Emily Garside (writer and researcher): “A lack of diversity in Welsh arts is driving talent away from the country and severely limiting the work we make. But is this lack of diversity part of an underlying issue in Wales where the arts, and access to the arts, is controlled by a narrow inward looking group afraid of change?”

Jafar Iqbal (writeofcentre): “If gatekeepers really want to solve the problem of access for people in Wales, then opening the gate with a friendly smile isn’t enough. They need to throw us the keys and trust we won’t break the china.”

How to book:

The ticket price includes lunch, teas and coffees. There is a reduced rate for individuals.

Please contact Megan with any questions on 01446 401744 or [email protected].

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