BiG-i (International Communication Center for Persons with Disabilities)

BiG-i Art Project

Osaka Prefecture The 7th Open Contest for the “Project to Discover New Stars in the World of Modern Art”

Call for Entries 2017

Deadline date Thursday July 20  2017

■ What is the BiG-i Art Project?

Art has the power to connect people. The BiG-i Art Project leverages this power to encourage communication between people, both with and without disabilities, and to cultivate new talent that will shine in the art world. To help people with disabilities discover and fulfill their potential, the BiG-i Art Project is conducted with the following three objectives:

– To offer people with disabilities opportunities to engage in artistic activities

– To unearth and nurture artistic talent

– To support and publicize the activities of artists with disabilities


For entry guidelines and further information please visit:


■ Entry and Selection Procedures

Original works will be judged to ensure that their true appeal is not lost in or misrepresented by photographs.

Entering this competition can open the door to a brand new stage! BiG-i Art Project brings art created by people with disabilities to a wider audience, thereby promoting interaction between people, whether or not they have disabilities, across nations, ethnicity & language, and challenging the market. Who knows, perhaps your artwork can end up touring the world!