Arts Group Manual for creative arts groups with learning disabilities

Open Story TellersOpenstorytellers were at the wonderful Creative Minds Conference in Brighton on Monday 10th March 2014.

They had a stand at the conference to promote their Arts Group Manual for learning disabled arts groups.

The manual helps a group to decide what kind of group they want to be, what their product will be, how they will sell their work and how they will manage the money – all these areas are explored through exercises, discussions and activities. After each activity the group will make a decision and this information is added into the work-book. When the work-book is all filled in – there is a completed business plan for your group.

The manual was created after their organisation wanted to decide how it should run. They had funding from the Arts Council. They spent a long time working out how to get it right, and they would like to share what they have learned with other learning disability arts groups like them. The manual is available as a full colour printed hard-back folder, or as a downloadable pdf.

Here is a link to their website and order form:

You will see there is a sample of the manual that you can print out to try it


If you have any questions, please contact anyone in the Openstorytellers office 01373 471171, or email  [email protected]


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