Festival and Event Equality

How can event organisers ensure that nobody is excluded from their event because of access issues?

Event Equality is for anyone involved in organising a Festival 
or Event, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, Disabled people still don’t feel that they can just turn up at most Festivals or Events and expect that everything will be fully accessible.

You can make a bigger difference than you think

To attend a course, you don’t need any qualifications, prior knowledge or experience. 
Event Equality is for anyone who is ready to learn more about making fully accessible events.

Five good reasons to attend Event Equality

  1. Disabled people are customers too, we account for around 20% of the population and therefore 20% of your potential audience.
  2. You might think that making your event accessible is just too expensive. Let us show you that it doesn’t have to be.
  3. Many people don’t know how to help a disabled customer. We will show you the best disability etiquette and eliminate any awkwardness.
  4. Find out how disabled people can be involved in your event at all levels, not just as audiences.
  5. Under The Equality Act 2010 it is illegal to discriminate against disabled people. Find out how to avoid being prosecuted for discrimination. Go above and beyond legislation and find out how to make your event as accessible as possible with your budget and resources.

Course aims

  • Event Equality aims to help participants:
  • Appreciate the business case for event equality
  • Apply equality principles to all aspects of planning, running and evaluating their event
  • Understand all requirements of an accessible event and how to achieve them
  • Use common sense and creativity to solve access problems

Course programme

  • The 6 hour course covers a number of topics including:
  • The Social Model of Disability and how to apply it
  • Disability Language and Etiquette
  • The Art of The Reasonable Adjustment
  • Elements of Accessibility – going above and beyond the legislation
  • Action Planning – for your event

Course Trainers

We have many years experience working with events and Festivals to make them as accessible as possible within a budget. We understand the challenges faced and the pitfalls to look out for, the difference that can be made with attitude alone and the benefits that can be delivered. Most of all, we understand how horrible it feels to be excluded because access needs have not been met and how great it feels when everyone is included and valued for their unique contribution.
We Understand


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Need Convincing?

See this very interesting graphic from our friends at Attitude is Everything for the stats. Click the graphic to see the original page with more stats and downloads.

State of Access info graphic

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