Assisted Performances

Making Theatre Accessible to Deaf People and Visually Impaired People

In Wales there are over 500,000 people with some degree of deafness, and more than 100,000 people with serious sight loss. How confident are you about making performances accessible to deaf and visually impaired audiences?


To attend a course, you don’t need any qualifications, prior knowledge or experience. Assisted Performances Training is for anyone who wants to learn more about developing audiences of deaf and visually impaired people.

Four good reasons to attend Assisted Performances Training

  1. Deaf people and visually impaired people are your customers. We account for around 20% of the population of Wales, and therefore 20% of your potential audience
  2. You might think that making your performances accessible is just too complicated, or that you need some particular expertise. Let us show you that accessible performances are within everyone’s reach.
  3. Find out about programming: Are deaf or visually impaired people interested in a particular kind of performance?
  4. Under The Equality Act 2010 it is illegal to discriminate against disabled people – and that includes deaf and visually impaired people. Find out how to avoid being prosecuted for discrimination. Go above and beyond legislation and find out how to make your performances as accessible as possible with your budget and resources.

Course aims

Assisted Performances Training aims to help you:

  • Understand the needs of deaf and visually impaired audiences
  • Work with interpreters, captioners, audio-describers
  • Develop your audiences of deaf and visually impaired people
  • Overcome ‘barriers to communication’ in the performing arts

Course programme

  • The 6 hour course covers a number of topics including:
  • Sign language interpreted performance? Captions? Audio description? How to make the right choices for your audience.
  • Planning step by step – where to find the interpreters, captioners, audio describers and how to work with them.
  • More than just bums on seats: Find out how to reach and involve the ‘Hard to Reach’ audience.
  • We’re All in it Together: Applying the principles of accessibility throughout your organisation.
  • Action Planning – for your performance.

Course Trainers

For more than 20 years, we have been working with venues and touring companies, helping them to address a wide range of access issues within their organisation. We have many years experience of working with deaf and visually impaired people – and remember, we are your audience too!

Feedback Quotes

“A fantastic training day with lots of practical solutions and ideas to come away with!”
“It was very useful to adjust my way of thinking so that I can make fuller and more comprehensive Action Plan.”
“I’m amazed we covered so much ground!”


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