Parabl – Talking Therapies Partnership

Back from the Blues

parablNew course for 2016 – Managing and Dealing with Depression

Starts Friday 2nd December 2- 4.30pm

Free Library Mill Street, Dolgellau

If you feel low and lack motivation, if you feel you no longer enjoy daily activities or special events in the way you used to or you are finding it hard to relate to others and you are becoming isolated, you might be experiencing depression. This course, led by experienced practitioners and people with their own lived experiences, will be an informal look at ways to help you lift your spirits and improve your mood so you can fully enjoy life again.

This course will cover:

What is depression? Improving how you feel; thinking and feeling; analysing and changing your thinking; fun activities; adjusting core beliefs; problem solving; staying healthy and goal setting.

This course has been developed by experts in the field and will be delivered in English as a workshop.

Come along or call Phil on 07964 858 095 for more details.