Bay Art

Six Artists 

02 February – 01 March 2019 

Vivi Mari Carpelan, Jo Shapland, Lou Lockwood, Gemma Jayne Paine, Rachel Wellbeing and Jan Williams.


BayArt Gallery

54 Bute Street


CF10 5AF

This exhibition is a partnership project with Disability Arts Cymru. These artists all possess a particular voice and a form of articulation. Some use their art to reflect upon their various disabilities, sometimes through humour, sometimes as critique or as challenge. Some are investigating material itself through their own physical capabilities or are using materiality as metaphor. They are artists who all show serious commitment to developing their own ‘voice’ and furthering their individual practices. There is no overall conceptual criteria or thematic link other than all of the artists being members of DAC, and the exhibition will highlight their particularities and individual strengths. 


The Art of Walking Slowly

Sun 3 February 2019

11:00 am – 4.00 pm


Walking workshop with Jo Shapland

“A body in life is more than a body merely alive” Eugenio Barber.

Jo Shapland will take you to some interesting locations within and near to BayArt where she will share some of her approaches, showing you ways to sensitize to your own body and your surroundings at a deeper level.

This workshop will happen indoors and outdoors, whatever the weather, so please dress appropriately (waterproofs or sun cream…who knows?)! If you play a musical instrument you are welcome to bring it. Drawing materials will also be available. No prior experience necessary, Jo simply asks you to be open to what you might discover!

Here are some of the things you will do:-

In the gallery: Work in pairs. Blindfold walking. Individually/whole group: Try out the Noh walk. Get a feel for jo ha kyuin the rhythm of each step.

…All this is the preparation for going out

Outside in the bay: Walk together silently to specific places. Walk slowly in these places. Can you see the rhythm of the walk in surroundings?

Back at Bay Art: Writing and drawing about the experience. Sound-making too. Various explorations, depending on the group.


Jo Shapland’s 30 year practice has for some years focused on ‘the art of walking slowly’ as a creative sourcing point for her site-sensitive performance/installations and drawings.

The essence of all of her work is dance; it is always about movement whether that be changes in materials and objects, film imagery or the body moving through space. This flows from her fundamental concern with relating to and responding to nature and the desire to witness the environment through the body.

Recent projects include: creating and performing “Told by the Wind”, made in collaboration with the Llanarth Group, touring internationally. Jo’s “Being in Place” Creative Wales Major Award project led to nature-connected Rites of Passage and to build a ritualized practice of nature immersion. To this end, since 2016 Jo has been training with The Helpers Mentoring Society and since 2015 Jo has co-facilitated nature immersion for The Art of Mentoring UK. These celebrate, animate and respond to traditional rite and ceremony from specific indigenous cultures and have a big influence on Jo’s current work.

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Sat 9 February 2019

11:00 am  – 3.00 pm


Limewash workshop with Jan Williams

The workshop will introduce the history of Lime-wash, its use as an architectural painting medium and the ways it can be used to create paintings. You will look at the traditional colours and materials used to tint Lime-wash, and will be of particular interest to anyone who is interested in the use of traditional environmentally friendly paints.

During the day you will complete one or more paintings using Lime-wash. All equipment – paint and painting boards will be provided as will all safety masks, eye protection and aprons. Please bring source material with you to inspire your painting, for example – photographs or drawings of a favourite landscape or place that is special to you. By the end of this workshop you will have created a painting or paintings that you will be able to take home.


Jan Williams is an artist based in Cardiff, Wales. She was brought up on a farm near Brecon in Mid Wales. She has a studio in the Kings Road Artists Studios, based in the Pontcanna area of the city. Her work focuses on concerns with memory, identity, the temporary, the transient and a sense of place. Marking the passage of time and the ambiguity of transitional states are also interests that she explores through the medium of paint, photography and installation.

The use of lime-wash is significant in her practice as it is a memory from her childhood of the annual lime-washing of the cowsheds and buildings on the family farm.

Jan completed an MFA at Cardiff School of Art and Design Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2012. Recent shows include 2017 October – Penarth Pier Gallery, Disability Arts Cymru, Selected artists from Wales. Selected artists from Wales. Jun – Dec 2017, Disability Arts Cymru, Annual Exhibition, Oriel Ynys Mon.

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Journey Book

Sat 16 February 2019

11:00 am – 3.00pm


Journey book workshop with Gemma Jayne Paine

This collage workshop will help you to build a journey book of your life or a chapter in your life, in a very tactile form – quite different from the digitised version of your life.

Please bring memory prompts/aide-mémoire for example old photographs and materials that can be pasted or sewn, cut or torn – for example old photographs, postcards, tickets, postage stamps, poetry, short pieces of text and found objects.

During the workshop you will construct a sculptural four page book. All materials will be provided


Gemma Jayne Paine is a textile artist. Recent work includes tributes to women such as Rosie the Riveter, and many famous women in the entertainment industry for example Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe.

Represented on Outside In – a platform for artists who face barriers to the art world – Gemma has created a distinctive pathway. Gemmas experience includes using her creative skills in mental health day; care arranging exhibitions with Butetown History and Arts Centre,involvement with the Womens Arts Association. Recent exhibitions include ‘Gemma Jayne Paine. A retrospective’ at Cardiff Bay Pierhead 2018, ‘Made with Love’ The Factory Porth 2016.

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