2004: Get it On

GET IT ON – a four-day disability arts project by Chris Tally Evans working in partnership with Arts Disability Wales, Get it On took place in Cardiff and Swansea in May 2004.

Get Experience

Two Saturday workshops especially designed for people to come and see what it’s all about. Chris and Maggie led a series of storytelling workshops that turned into performance pieces.

Get It Together

Two workshops for existing disabled performers, writers, musicians & film-makers living in Wales. These workshops focused on sharing existing work and then putting together new and exciting collaborations.

What people said about Get It On:

“I enjoyed meeting other people and being able to achieve writing and performing something in only a couple of hours”

“it was much more than I expected; it was brilliant!”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to experience and learn about other peoples’ work; it is very rare for this to happen.”

“Everyone was really focussed and their work was of a high standard, which was what I expected.”

“I felt empowered and inspired.”

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