Family Smiles Group on Anglesey

The NSPCC intend running a Family SMILES group on Anglesey (venue to be confirmed) in May and would welcome any referrals you feel will be relevant.

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Over eight group sessions, Family Smiles teaches children about mental illness and develops life skills that will improve their ability to cope.  The parent also receives one-to-one support to understand their child’s experience of living in a family with mental illness.  The family then completes a safety plan to ensure the child is safe and their wishes are considered in the event of the parent becoming ill again.

What happens in the group sessions for the child?

The child has the chance to talk about their experiences and feelings and understand what mental illness means.  They will learn how to keep themselves and their family safe, how to deal with problems at home, and where to get help if needed.

What happens in the adult sessions?

The parent has six one-to-one support sessions with a trained NSPCC worker.  They will talk about their mental health problems and the effect it has on their family.  They will identify their strengths as a parent and learn ways to talk about their feelings to the child and other family members.  The adult will spend time looking at how the child feels and learn how to support them.

What happens in the safety planning session?

The child, parent and other significant family members will meet with an NSPCC worker and draw on issues discussed throughout the course to formulate a ‘safety plan’.  This ensures the child is cared for safely and their wishes considered in the event of their parent suffering a relapse.

How to refer:

Prestatyn Service Centre, Trigg House, Warren Drive, Prestatyn, Denbighshire  LL19 7HT

Tel:  0844 892 0275

Email:  [email protected]