Awalkinmyshoes to promote Mental Health Issues

Walk in my shoesLast year you all expressed interest in joining #Awalkinmyshoes to promote Mental Health Issues and the link between wellbeing and walking.

We are pleased to announce that the Motiv8 Team are organising a walk for 2016.

This time it will be a circular walk (which many of you suggested last year) starting from Caernarfon Castle.  Date: 13th August 2016.

We will be issuing more information about the walk as soon as we can.

The walk will follow the path adjacent to the railway

Lunch at Dinas – The railway are arranging for walkers to buy snacks, sandwiches and drinks

We will then make our way via footpaths to the coastal pathway and return to Caernarfon.

Approximate mileage

  • Castle to Dinas 3 miles
  • Dinas to Caernarfon 4.8 miles
  • Overall walk approximately 7.8 miles

As per last year we’ve arranged a 4 in 1 walk:

  • you can walk to whole route,
  •  or the first half,
  • or join us at lunch time to walk the second stretch
  • Or join us for ice cream at the end of the walk
  • We will also welcome any dogs who might like to join us

Please contact Shazz Jamieson-Evans via email ( if you would like further information.