Professional Artists

What is a Professional Artist

By ‘Professional Artist’, we mean anybody who is engaged in artistic activity as their main occupation.

What can we do for you?


We may be able to help you in identifying sources of funding to develop or showcase your work. Funding for individual artists, as opposed to groups, is quite hard to find. The most obvious source is the Arts Council of Wales (other Regional Arts Councils are available) but relatively few artists will have their work funded this way and the sums involved are often relatively small. We have listed a few other funders on our Funding Opportunities page.


You may be looking for opportunities rather than funding and if that’s the case, please contact us and we will arrange to meet you and talk about what you are looking for.


We have our own online Gallery  – that you can be listed on, as a member of DAC, without charge. Once a month we select one artist whose work we think is particularly worthy of attention and make them the feature of a monthly showcase.

Workshop Leaders

If you lead workshops and have particular qualifications, expertise or experience of working with a diverse range of people, we can also offer you a listing in our Workshop Leaders section.


We have our own Publication – ‘What’s On’, sent out bi-monthly as hard copy and fortnightly as an email update. We also have a Facebook page which we update regularly with events, opportunities and anything we think might be of interest. If you have an exhibition or event that you want publicised, we can do so through either or both of these channels. If you want to contribute to What’s On, you can either fill in this form , or email us – [email protected] You can post straight onto the Facebook page yourself, or ask us to if you’re not a Facebooker.

 Accessibility Advice

If you are holding an exhibition or performance and want to ensure that it is fully accessible, we can offer you advice about what to think about and how to solve any access problems that you might run into.  You can also look through our ‘Equal Spaces‘ section.


If you are working as part of a group, or thinking about setting up a group, we can offer you advice about alternative sources of funding – these vary according to what type of group you set up, e.g. Registered Charity, Social Enterprise/ CIC/ Co-operative etc, or even just advice about what type of group to set up.


If you are struggling to find a way to do something technical or software to help with your particular impairment, we may be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction.


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