Mark Anthony Annis

Mark Anthony Annis was a professional artist based in Wales who’s work was heavily influenced by the early 20th Century artists from the cubist movement.

Mark was active in the disability movement and had Asperger’s Syndrome which is a form of high functioning autism.

Mark worked with oil on canvas, drawing and photography.

Born in the Kensington and Chelsea area of London to a Brazilian Father and English Mother,He attended a Rudolph Steiner School outside Aberdeen, Scotland. Following a period of travel in Europe and North Africa, he went on to complete a media studies degree at Middlesex University. He had a placement in the BBC Television Centre Film & Manuscript archives, London, in 1990 and then moved to the BBC Centre, Wales.

Mark always had a keen interest in the visual arts and was producing his own paintings on a part time basis.  He decided to commit his time fully to this aspect of his life.

For some years Marks apartment doubled as his studio, but in 2005 he acquired a dedicated studio space in Cardiff with the help of a Arts Council of Wales grant. Since then he has exhibited my on many occasions throughout the UK, London and Europe.

DAC and Mark have had a close working partnership for many years and it is with great sadness that this talented artist lost his life prematurely in May 2014. Mark will be greatly missed

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