Lucy Chaplin

Lucy was born in Sutton Coldfield of Birmingham in July 1978, although Lucy was born profoundly deaf, her deafness was not identified until she was 3 years old. Following this she attended Braidwood School for the Deaf.

Throughout her childhood Lucy was always encouraged to practise art by her artistic family members. Many of her childhood memories involve exploring the garden for wildlife and various unusual insects, plants and flowers, and drawing them. “As I child I was always encouraged with my art at home and always had access to a lot of different art materials”.

When she turned 17, Lucy attended Sutton Coldfield College, Birmingham where she achieved her GNVQ 3 in Art and Design. Through her hard work and passion for art, Lucy was presented the college’s Student of the year 1997 Art and Design award. After her College success she continued her art studies at Wolverhampton University, where her degree focused on woods, metals, and plastics product designs. Once her studies ended Lucy moved to Conwy, North Wales in May 2007. Since moving to Conwy, Lucy has continued to practise her art, she also studied and gained a teaching qualification in 2012. Following this Lucy taught an art course for the deaf community in North Wales, the popular course was delivered in BSL, and was a great success.

Being interested in different styles of architecture and cultures Lucy gets her inspiration from various factors such as buildings, famous artists and nature. Examples of her inspirations include ICC centre Birmingham, Picasso’s masterpieces, landscapes and animals. Lucy said, “the joy of art is being able to put your fantasies onto paper, combining different inspirations and creating abstract patterns. It is relaxing and enjoyable as there are no barriers with visual art, in comparison to the real world with communication barriers which makes it is very hard for a deaf individual in a hearing world. It is so easy to express emotions and moods on a canvas though colour, accuracy, shapes and lines, it gives me a sense of freedom.”

Lucy has high hopes and a lot of motivation for the future, her aim is to continue developing new ideas, new artistic techniques, creating original pieces and sharing these images with the public. Lucy also hopes to set up more art courses and continue to develop her passion for teaching and share her love for art with others.


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