Joolz Cave-Berry

I am a passionate artist who enjoys my work and loves to share it. I have exhibited widely and have a BA in Design Craft and an MA in Contemporary Applied Art. I have a wide range of experience in many different materials and techniques. I have collaborated with other artists and completed both public and private commissions.

These objects are all connected. They form an extended self-portrait by abstraction

The objects relate to the journeys that he, along with many others, make during life. The metaphor is the boat, a series of vessels with unique features and cargos. The works are initially very personal autobiographic pieces that later inform his agenda, the exploration of inherited systems and processes.

The ‘baggage’ vessels test the postal system’s ability to cope with objects outside their normal terms of reference and relates to the systems that affect old contemporary lives, education, communication, politics and social conditions.The statistics, relating to the baggage vessels’ journey in the postal system, equate with surprising accuracy to the social statistics Joolz has researched.

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