Jill Williams

‘If you really want to be taken seriously as an artist then I suggest you go and find a good anatomy and physiology text book and study the human form because quite frankly these proportions are all wrong’

This was one of the many critical reviews of my artwork voiced to me at the tender age of 9 by my aged aunt who was a headmistress. My father had just died and my only solace and dreams where within the crayons and block paints I had managed to accumulate over the years for birthdays and Christmases etc. Did it put me off my ambition to go to art school? It sure DID! I became an office worker and knuckled down to bringing in a wage to support my family.
At the more mature age of 45 I signed up for a fine art course hopeful that I could finally pursue my artistic dreams, it was a disaster. The course folded after less than 3 months due to the many disillusioned and disgruntled students complaining that the teaching was inadequate.
I again threw away all my pictures I had accumulated over the years and resigned myself to the fact that I would never realise my dream of producing art. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with arthritis, scoliosis, mild cerebral palsy and later HNPP [Hereditary Neuropathy with liabilities to pressure palsies] and mild depression [is depression ever mild?] at the age of 58 that I was in a position to start again due to the fact that I was incapacitated the majority of the time.
I started painting, the very first time I literally threw paint onto a canvas I was terrified! I locked myself into the spare room and gave my husband strict instructions not to enter upon pain of death! It was the most exhilarating experience of my life, there was no subject matter just a myriad of colours on the canvas. I was painting not to impress anyone,not to make money just to enjoy myself and I loved it. I have been painting and creating now for 2 years, I work in whatever medium I’m drawn to, acrylics, watercolours, mixed media and am very keen to use items which would be destined for landfill in some of my work.

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