Gordon Farmer

I was born at Bryn Cottages Pontyrhyl 26 May 1939 and when I left school aged 15 I went to work down the coal mine. After the closure of the coal mines I worked all my life in various jobs and at the age of 60, in 2000, I had a spinal accident that ended my working life. It was then I started to take up art, I do paint but prefer to use a pencil, so with the help of my wife I started to draw faces from photos and the computer. With determination and dedication I taught myself to draw and now feel so proud that late in life I have found a talent that, like so many other miners, I did not have the opportunity to discover when young. I now have the opportunity to draw Coal miners as well as horses, dogs and foxes.

I also draw landscapes and being Welsh I have enjoyed drawing the whole Welsh rugby squad and the officials, along with past and present footballers, rugby players, boxers and celebrities. My art has been sent all over the world including Australia, New Zealand, America and Holland.

Due to my injury leaving me with limited mobility and in serious discomfort my art is a real therapy for me, as by concentrating on drawing I can find a new world with less discomfort.

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If you would like to contact Gordon please email him at [email protected]

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