Eileen Harrisson

My original hometown is Bangor, Co, Down, N. Ireland and my initial degree is a Joint Honours BA in Art and Italian which I obtained from the then University College of Wales Aberystwyth. After marrying and bringing up a daughter and son, I returned to live in Wales in 2006 and, also returning to Aberystwyth University, I studied part-time for my MA in Fine Art and Art History. With this degree completed, I have now embarked this autumn on my part-time PhD in Fine Art at the university.

I have considerable experience as an exhibiting artist, initially in pen and ink and pastel, with a move to stitch in 1993 following the onset of muscle problems caused by neurological illness. This condition is chronic and has been slowly progressive but with the large muscles in my legs affected most and with the smaller, finer muscles in my hands affected much less and with the aid of steel wrist splints, I am able to continue to progress my life and career as an artist. With my MA successfully completed and beginning very exciting studies with the PhD, I continue to run my professional exhibition work alongside my academic studies. In all this, I have the help and support of my partner, Arthur, who is both husband and carer and who takes an active interest in the production of my art.

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