Christopher Baker

At the age of 14 Chris was removed from school as he was bullied due to being different.  Chris has traits of Aspergers Syndrome which means he finds social situations awkward, but has an amazing eye for detail.

Chris spent almost a year at home before moving into community learning and it was during this time that he picked up a pencil and started to draw, revealing a very special talent.

One of Chris’ early inspirations was Michael Jackson, as he enjoys the challenge of drawing different skin tones and of course the sparkle in many of his costumes.  Chris also enjoys the American TV show Breaking Bad and has currently drawn three of the main characters.

Chris is now 17 and aspires to be a well known artist who can make a living from his talent.  He has had a few drawings commissioned by family and friends and would like to open his talents up to more people.

As of yet Chris has not had his work show cased and is looking forward to the opportunity to have his own exhibition at some point in the future.

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