Anne Raymond

Hi, I’m Anne, a British artist living in Wales.

I work with many different art forms including screen printing, portraiture, painting and sculpture.

With a world full of technology being a part of everyday life and as technology is altering rapidly, our old devises are filling up our landfill sites at an alarming pace and damaging our environment. I take these discarded and unused objects, breathing new life info them. I enjoy taking things apart and seeing how they work, I combine this with upcycling, which is a great way to reuse materials and reduce our footprint

View more of Anne’s work on her website.

Bee,  2016, Electrical Components, 12 x 12 cms

Car Circuit, Circuit Board and Electrical Components, 16 x 9 cms

Computer Bug, 2012, Computer Mouse and Electrical Components, 22 x 10 cms

White Bug, 2016, Torch, 12cm X 12cms

Sheep, Circuit Board and Electrical Components, 19.5 x 19.5cms




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