DAC – Inaugural Poetry Competition Winners

Brid Wyldearth - PIP Personal Independance Prayer

Announcement of Disability Arts Cymru Inaugural poetry competition winners:

1st Prize – £100 – Rose Foran – ‘I once had a heart’

2nd Prize – £50 – Des Mannay – ‘Recovery’

3rd Prize – £25 – Gwenllian Jones – ‘Cuddio Mewn Cerdd’

Eileen Harrisson – ‘Stabat Mater’    Highly Commended

Des Mannay – ‘All my own work’    Highly Commended

Meg Kingston – ‘Sap Rises’  Highly Commended

Caroline Gill – ‘In the Wake of Prince Madoc’  Highly Commended

Michele Brenton – ‘Imagine that’

Brid Wyldearth – ‘Down to Earth’

Tracey Watkins – ‘(Be) Longing’

Mark Roderick – ‘Dreams out of Darkness’

Susan Kent – ‘Reservoir Dog’

Mark Smith – ‘In Response to Robin Williams portrait’

Mari Sexton – ‘Return Journey’

Gemma Paine – ‘Anchor Chain’

Marion Fletcher – ‘Marionette’

Ted Gibson – ‘Footprints in the Sand’

Julie Griffiths – ‘Choices’

Leslie Williams – ‘Soldier in the Dark’

Rachael Roberts – ‘Lost by the Sea’

Gwenllian Jones – ‘Machlud’

Eileen Harrison – ‘A Hush of Morning’

Meg Kingston – ‘Sshh’

Wendy Jones – ‘Y darlun o blentyn’

Jenny-Joanna Bartholomew-Biggs – ‘The Sunset disappears into the Aberystwyth Sea’

Congratulations to all our Winners

Thank you to Menna Elfyn for judging our inaugural annual poetry competition and thanks to Write4Word for donating the prize money.

All the selected poems will be in a digital publication, more details coming soon.

The poems are in response to visual art work from our 2014/15 DAC annual exhibition.   www.disabilityartscymru.co.uk/gallery/dac-annual-exhibition-2014

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