MInd’s way to beat exam stress for students

mind cymruFor students around the country, it’s exam time. With so much pressure to achieve and often away from the security of home, it’s no surprise that demand for student counselling services is rising by 10% every year.

Right now students are at their most vulnerable – and when stress is running high it can be easy to forget to look after yourself properly. So here are two simple things we have to help our stressed-out students.

1.   Ease the pressure on students by sharing Mind’s stress-beating tips.

We have 14 ways to beat exam stress, submitted by Mind supporters.

2.   Spread the word about Emoodji ????

We also have a new app to help students, Emoodji – it’s free to download on iOS and Android phones. Emoodji helps students cope with the ups and downs of uni life by encouraging them to share how they’re feeling using selfies and emojis. It’s packed with tips for staying well at uni, from dealing with exams to where to get support.

P.S. We know of course that it’s not just students who are struggling. If you’re going through a difficult time right now, you can take a look at our general information on keeping well.

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