Rhian Symes

I started painting about six years ago after having a stroke which caused me to have problems with my right arm. When I was in hospital I was told either to use the arm or lose the use of it! So I decided to try painting.

After leaving hospital I bought some paints. Watercolour paints were the cheapest so I bought them. With plenty of time on my hands I started painting. I had no formal training in watercolour painting so I did my own thing – I still do.

Most of my inspiration comes from what I see locally living in the Brecon Beacons. I work from home looking out at the mountains. I find great inspiration from the rivers and canals. Water reflection has fascinated me over the years. The way it moves, the seasonal colour changes, the reflections bird life, boats and buildings have in the water.

I am now publishing my own work so you may buy my work directly.

Find out more on my website.


Mae'r sylwadau wedi cau.