Phill Puryer

Living in North Wales, my love of nature shows in my art, as I love drawing and painting animals, birds, fish and all those things.

I find that of all media, I enjoy pen and ink work best of all.

I would like to think that in each piece, I put a little of myself and that whoever views it, can sense that.

The list of artistic achievement is quite a long one. Not a prestigious one but I have exhibited and taught, worked and played art, for a very long time.

My portfolio has dwindled and has been very much depleted over the years, as pieces have been given away, sold or lost in house-moves. Notwithstanding all of that, I now have an on-line shop on Etsy, and have shown some of my pieces locally over the years, in exhibitions, seminars, schools, shops and the like, which when all is said and done, is why I picked up a pencil in the far off days of childhood, to show off a bit really. Sounds very self-indulgent but as an artist, whether musical or visual, that is what we are about, showing off, what we feel we do best.

Find out more on my website.

Mae'r sylwadau wedi cau.