Jenny-Joanna Bartholomew-Biggs

I am a married to David, who takes care of me. We have a wonderful daughter called Crystal, who graduated from Aberystwyth University in August 2015 after studying drama and English literature. Our amazing daughter, did fantastically. She hopes to be a teacher someday.

I have one of the severe forms Cerebral Palsy. Since I have a speech impediment, I use a communicator which is called Liberator 14. I took up visual art in 2007 by using a chin pointer to paint with. I also operate the liberator via the same Method. I mostly use Acrylic as that’s my preferred medium. I sold a painting called “sundown,” in 2014/15’s D.A.C. Exhibition.

David and I joined a performance company called Cyrff Ystwyth, in October 2014. It is for mostly for people with learning disabilities but anybody from all walks of life can join. I have not got any learning needs bar physical ones. I became a deputy chair for the company, in August 2015. I enjoy all kind of arts because it is a great way to express myself.


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