Meg Kingston

Script Reading

This is acting the disability way. Readers do not have to remember lines or move around the stage and can be seated throughout – we’ll even provide the chairs. All you have to do is read the script aloud, with a bit of emotion. I want to demonstrate that being disabled doesn’t mean we’re useless. I can still write, who’s up for a bit of performance reading?

The plays were written for Radio 4 (30 ~ 45 mins), considered for broadcast, but (frustratingly) not used because something already in production has a similar theme. We’ll also include a few short pieces, to vary the pace a bit. The subjects vary from Archaeologists to a flight to Mars and all stations in between.

We’ll perform in Cardiff on Saturday 08/06/19, so you need to be there on 7th (rehearsals) and 8th. Cuppas, fruit and lunches provided. Tickets will be on sale (cheap) beforehand and on the door, raising MS Society funds. We’ll also be recording to produce professional-grade CDs afterwards.

Casting is really simple. Ages are approximate and accent rarely matters, just tell me how you sound! If you want to play a part (or parts), please contact me on Facebook ( and say who you’re interested in. Friends / family members welcome.


Brandon             Male, mid 30s (Longer, quite demanding)

Cassie                 Female, late 40s (A Hospital Patient, Longer)

Donna                 Female, early 40s (A Manager, Longer)

Ellie                     Female, mid 40s (Longer)

Emily                   Female, 12 (Longer, quite demanding)

Gill                       Female, youngish (Shorter)

Jess                      Female, 19ish (Longer)

Krista                   Female, 30s (A Nurse, Longer)

Kurt                     Male, middle-aged (Shorter)

Liane                   Female, late 20s (Longer)

Natalie                Female, 20s (Longer)

Paul                     Male, late 40s (Longer)

Sarah                  Female, 21 (Longer)

Sophie                Female, 20ish, working class Manchester accent (Monologue)

Understudy       Female, reserve bench / gopher

Understudy       Male, reserve bench / gopher