Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre

Community Sketchbook

Our ‘Sketchbooks’ exhibition will be rearranged and will be accompanied by a new project. We are inviting submissions from our wonderful community, to be part of a Community Sketchbook. Art has the ability to bring us together and act as an important tool for our wellbeing and we want to share our creativity and imagination in lockdown. The images we receive will be shared on social media and shown on screens as part of the exhibition next year.

If you would like to submit to us, please click here.


Explore colour and shape through botanical painting and drawing in your own sketchbook. Taking inspiration from the Dutch still life flower painters of the 17th and 18th century. For example, Ambrosius Bosschaert and Rachel Ruysch.

Apply a dark background as a base and with your paints, crayons, pencils, or oil pastels create layers of flower and leaf shapes together to form a bloom of colour. Your artwork can be as abstract or as detailed as you like. Feel free to mix up your mediums and add collage – whatever feels right.

This is in your sketchbook so experiment and have fun!


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